Gasmet Technologies GT5000 Terra, Portable Multigas Analyzer




The world’s lightest and smallest multigas analyzer GT5000 Terra (9,4 kg including battery) knows what’s in the air. Easy to use and also wireless, it measures simultaneously over 50 gases in a few seconds. It is able to measure over 300 gases.

FTIR-Technology (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) utilizing GT5000 Terra is a gas analyzer design for field conditions, that can identify and measure the gases in the air easily and reliably even in challenging circumstances. Using the stable built-in optics inside the device you can do the measuring in shaky conditions. The GT5000 Terra offers carefree and versatile use, furthermore it offers reliability regardless of the weather (IP54 class) and works in frosty conditions. Use temperature is -5 – 40 °C.

Thanks to its small size and durability the GT5000 Terra is capable of measuring the natural and harmful gases in the air in multiple applications. The device identifies toxic gases e.g. shipping containers, laboratories, production facilities, and accidents. The device is also great for natural greenhouse emissions outside. The device has a built-in pump and it can be added with additional parts for the needs of the usage and the customer.

GAISSA created completely the industrial design for the new multigas analyzer device and probe. The design started with the first ideas with close collaboration with the Gasmet product development team. The mechanical design of the casing was done with GAISSA Oulu based partnership company Optotec Group. The product was launched 24.10.2019.

Photos by: Gasmet Technologies