Intelligent Heat Sensor Device Setup App



Innohome Device Setup App

Founded in Finland in 2005, Innohome develops leading-edge, intelligent safety device for the home.

Over in half of all the household fires in the OECD countries, the fire starts in the kitchen. Innohome has developed intelligent, self-learning stove guard device. The device reacts in a risk situation, before toxic gases form and before a fire starts, by turning the range off and activating additional alarms if needed.

GAISSA co-operated with Innohome’s R&D team to develop a responsive Android App which is used to setup the SGS510 Intelligent Heat Sensor correctly in various stove and kitchen configurations. The graphical user interface (GUI) was developed to speed up and simplify the device setup experience by minimalizing all the unnecessary steps and manual browsing as well as by making setup instructions visual. The setup software will generate necessary screen pages based on the user selections.

Much of the instruction information shared to the users is provided by the isometric vector images. Images are supported by brief descriptive texts. Certain critical phases of the setup are guided by using series of images. The user is also able to navigate back in installation phases by clicking the thumbnail icons on the top bar of the GUI.